– Router Login – it’s the ip address of most of the Belkin and SMC models. SMCs are one of the best home made routers that are mostly favorite among the people who wants to set up an internet inside their home. It’s simple and east to use so that it attracts it’s home size users. Belkin also comes under the same category. It’s primary loved by the users of small office, small homes and the places where the coverage area is very low and easy to be covered by a small router. Router login

Simply typing the address in your default browser will take you to the location of the router settings where you can just login and change the settings easily. Before you go on to the router setup page just understand that you need to know the default username and pass to access the main router configuration page. Once you enter the above location with the correct router then you are welcomed by the router setting page. There just enter the default username and password and it will immediately take you to the settings page.

You can find the default credentials for many devices down below.

Also remember to change the default to some other random strong password for the purpose of security. Really try choosing some strong password. Also note that once you change the WiFi password through the router settings page then remember that the internet that you have connected through the WiFi will suddenly stops working and need to re-enter the WiFi password all over again and establish the new connection.

Some Cons of

If you use the ip address then you will not be able to connect to any of the routers that are available outside your home or outside your office. This is because this IP address is not a public address and it’s a private one. Please make sure to check the default ip gateway list and connect to the correct router.