The uniqueness of the is that they are unique for each device and they can’t be used in more than one device. Some of the router companies out there will set that ip as the default router IP. Also they are used as the class A ip address in the default gateway of their router brands. If we need to access the settings of the router then we have to access the In that settings page we can also configure the wireless router password.

There you can also find how many devices are currently using the WiFi router. Also there are many features that can be easily be monitored using the settings page.

Requirement for

This ip is used by a device that is getting connected to the local area network. When the wireless device connects to the internet it uses this ip , but the thing is not all the devices can use this ip to connect to the local area network but only one of those devices can connect to it. In order to find which device is using that ip just use the net ping command to detect that.

Few issues with

Another issue is mistaken customer address task. This occurs on Wi-Fi systems where arrange names and IP deliver settings are given to customers naturally. The mechanized nature causes these glitches. In spite of the fact that they are uncommon, they can cause passage setting debasement.You may experience a few issues when utilizing, including an inert door gadget or a gadget address task issue. For the last issue, you need to build up a static IP address for passages with The entryway gadget issue is likely down to specialized disappointments.

Steps to setup the router with

  • Open the chrome browser or any other browser that are using by default.
  • Then open the address
  • Go to the network section
  • Find the default username and password for your router as mentioned already.
  • Now you should have entered successfully.

Don’t forget to make sure that you use a good encryption WPA / WPE.

For finding the default router username and password, please refer the post here.